Where in the world is Virginia Tech?

Blacksburg, Virginia

Welcome to Blacksburg, Virginia. Nestled in a sheltered basin between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany mountains, Blacksburg is a product of its geography as much as its history. As a notable station on the path of America’s Great Migration, the town has always harbored the far-sighted and high-reaching. It was in 1872, from this remote location atop the Eastern Divide, that our pioneering forebears successfully petitioned to host the land grant college that would become Virginia Tech. Generations since have known the call of crisp fall days, far mountain vistas and freshwater along the streets of our town.  


Lots of options, all within easy walking distance of convention, including these local favorites:

Sycamore Deli, Rivermill, Souvlaki, Gillie's, Happy Wok, Green's, Bollo's, Benny's Pizza, Hokie House, Boudreaux, The Cellar, Sharkeys, Substation II


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